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Statement of concern of the retired captain Safdar: “I don’t think that Maryam Nawaz will become the prime minister”TAZAA News

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Maryam Nawaz will be the second prime minister of Pakistan or not? PML-N leader and Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law retired captain Safdar predicted. He said that he does not see Maryam Nawaz becoming the prime minister in the near future.

Retired captain Safdar during a special conversation with senior journalist Naeem Ashraf Butt said that he does not see Tumarim Nawaz becoming the prime minister in the near future.

Captain (retd) Safdar ran to the leadership of PML-N about the important decisions of the party. He said that the narrative of respect for vote will no longer work because on the day Qamar Javed Bajwa was voted for extension, we buried the narrative of respect for vote. If you could not protect the ideas, then what to do with such an MNA.

Retired captain Safdar admitted that he should not vote for Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif was the person who challenged him. Nawaz Sharif was misled and people lied to him. I will also get the names of those who cheated Nawaz Sharif. The cheating team is the one that took their knees. The same people went and said, “Do this, this will happen.” Nawaz Sharif should be told who made the wrong decision.

He said that everyone who voted for the extension of Qamar Javid Bajwa is a criminal except Parvaiz Rashid. What happened that you can’t stand your leader? They cannot say that it should not be done.

Regarding the ties of the defunct Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf MNA with the PML-N, he said the assembly members should not change their loyalties. You win Imran Khan ticket and then come here when you see power. All of them are greedy. If you get a ticket, you will be flattered. What is the benefit of becoming a rural minister?

Then he said, stand next to whomever you are standing, whether the water is hot or cold. It should not be like this that I work in one place and work in another place, it was not like that.

Retired Captain Safdar said that he does not consider himself to be part of the party and does not want to. If he was running after his ego, he would be in a high position.

The PML-N leader predicted the 2025 elections and also said that the government was under Bajwa till November 28. If he had not taken over the government, the country would have been Sri Lanka. If the auction is held, it will be worth billions of rupees. If Shahbaz Sharif wins the next five years, stability will prevail in Pakistan.

Responding to a question about League leader Miftah Ismail’s statement after he was sacked as finance minister, Captain (retd) Safdar said Miftah is my brother. Miftoh said that I turned 58 years old, that’s why I left when I was young.

Captain Safdar said that Shahid Khakon is a great man who stood before Musharraf. Abbasi’s brother does not need positions.

When Hamza Shehbaz was asked, he said that Hamza is his younger brother and he is not angry with me. I ask him to come back.

He also admitted that everyone’s life has ups and downs. I should not have made a statement about Imran Khan’s personal life.

Captain (retd) Safdar further said that there are people among us who are stuck in the organization. The smell is everywhere. Politics should be fought with politics.

We remind you that earlier some of the senior leaders of PML-N expressed their displeasure with Maryam Nawaz becoming the vice president and chief organizer of this party and said that they will remain silent. Hypocrisy and lies are not wanted at this time.

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