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Steps to judicial martial law must be stoppedTAZAA News

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Currently, a judicial martial law has been imposed in Pakistan. Justice has taken all issues under its control. All matters were brought under the control of judicial authorities. No decision of the country can be made without the will of the judiciary. The judicial power has effectively undermined the legislative power of the parliament. And it created an environment where the Judiciary could cancel the legislation passed by the Parliament. He can interpret any law as he pleases. The judiciary is superior to the parliament.

Today, the environment has become such that even the establishment of the country looks weak in front of the judiciary. There is a gap between justice and the institution. Both have differences in politics. The institution is very worried about this judicial arbitrariness. And they don’t see any solution.

For the first time, we see that the judicial authorities are also paying attention to the military structures. For the first time, not only the difference between the military establishment and the judicial body, but also the difference in politics is visible.

The judicial statement clearly shows that the judicial authorities want to abolish the current regime. They are not ready to tolerate this government even for a day. This is why we see the judiciary creating new challenges for this government every day.

Due to such an aggressive attitude of the judicial authorities, the government completely surrendered to justice. You can imagine that now the government cannot even appoint an attorney general without the approval of the judiciary. This means that the judiciary will also determine who will appear before them as a lawyer on behalf of the government.

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If they do not want a lawyer, they will teach the government a lesson. This is why the issue of appointing the Prosecutor General has been pending for several days. Because the judicial authorities did not agree to this.

In the ongoing political struggle in the country, justice seems to stand with Tehriki Insaf. There used to be an idea of ​​who they were with the military structure. But it is still important who the judicial structure is with.

Earlier, ISPR press conferences were important for the political scene. Now the judicial comments are important. Judicial opinions indicate the direction of the courts’ work. The judge knows how the case will be decided. The bias of judges has become an open book like the bias of politicians. Everyone knows who is leaning towards the judge.

Why one bench hears all cases is well known. Everyone knows that no judge is given to any judge despite his seniority.

Just like an army chief builds his favorite team and carries out his plan. Generals favored by the army chief extend his control. Such optional seats also increase one’s control. Being a general is very important. One such chair has become very important.

Until now, there is an alliance between the judicial authorities and the military establishment. But now it seems that the alliance is falling apart. It seems that the judiciary has now realized that it has more power than the military establishment. Things done illegally and unconstitutionally by the military can also be done under the shadow of law and constitution.

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Even if the judges are outside the constitution, nothing can happen to them. They can do anything a military establishment can do. The military establishment needs the judiciary to achieve its goals. The judiciary does not need a military structure to achieve its goals. Their own order is enough.

Believe it or not, a judicial martial law has been imposed in the country. Justice took the driving seat. The work carried out by the military establishment of 111 brigades has been completed with a chair. There is no shortage of a specific line from the triple brigade. Just as the rest of the generals are ineffective under the chief, so are the rest of the judges ineffective under the chief. Both bosses seem to have equal dictatorial powers.

Why does it seem that the judge’s preference for Tehriki Insaf is clear? In the case of the Punjab government, there was a clear inclination towards Tehreek-e-Insaf. Even now we see that Lahore High Court and Supreme Court have become favorite courts of Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

Islamabad High Court is also heard in Lahore High Court. Cases which cannot be heard by the Islamabad High Court are also heard in the Lahore High Court. Which in its place is a new example. But the judicial authorities have closed their eyes to it. Which is encouraging.

Just as the military has been promoted to be apolitical, should the judiciary be promoted to be apolitical? As it was said against the military structure, the same should be said against the judicial structure? This is the need of the time. Because no law can allow any institution to go beyond its constitutional limits.

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