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Supreme Court says secular India has no place for hate crimesTAZAA News

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New Delhi: On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling on hate speech and hate crimes. The Supreme Court said that in a secular country like India, there is no place for a hate crime based on religion. The Supreme Court made a statement in this regard while hearing a hate speech case in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The collegium of the Supreme Court, headed by Justice KM Iosif, considered this issue. Let us know that this case concerns 62-year-old Kazim Ahmed Sherwani, who was the victim of a heinous crime in July 2021.

After this incident, they appealed to the Supreme Court and demanded action against those who tortured them. He also demanded action against the police officers who refused to take action against the criminals. The Supreme Court expressed its concern over the increase in cases of hate speech. The court said that “the solution to the problem can only be found if the problem is acknowledged”. In addition, the court questioned whether hate crime would be recognized or whether efforts would be made to prevent it.

The Supreme Court said that regardless of minority or majority status, people already have certain rights. You were born and raised in a family, but together we build a nation. You have to take it seriously.

There, the Supreme Court accused the police of not taking action and said that such officers cannot escape by neglecting their duty. We have to create an ideal situation, only then we can be equal with the developed countries.

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It should be said that 62-year-old Kazim claimed in his application that on July 4 he was waiting for a bus going to Aligarh in sector 37 of Noida district. When some people invited him. They claimed that the members of this group mistreat and exploit them because of their Muslim identity.

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