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HomeBusinessTalks about changes in NA 118 Lahore, sensitive public decisionTAZAA News

Talks about changes in NA 118 Lahore, sensitive public decisionTAZAA News

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ISLAMABAD: Ahead of general elections across the country, winds of change are blowing in Lahore too. In the national elections, there will be a sharp fight between the Muslim League and the PTI.

The people of NA 118 seat of the National Assembly are also waiting for the general elections. Hamza Shehbaz, PML-N candidate from NA-118, won the permanent National Assembly seat from here 3 times and also won the Provincial Assembly seat here in the last election.

NA-118 is considered as the stronghold of Muslim League-N and it is hoped that Hamza Shehbaz, the candidate of Muslim League will succeed from here.(PTI) May give tough time to PML-N.

Hum News tried to get the opinion of the public about NA-118 seat. Like other constituencies, the people here were also worried about inflation. Some blamed the “Muslim League-N” and others PTI.

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Spectors of PML-N said that Imran Khan is responsible for the rapid increase in inflation in the country and the inflation that started in his government will not stop, while the PML-N government has always done the work of rapid development.

PTI supporters called Imran Khan much better than other political leaders. He said that Imran Khan was not allowed to work, he is sincere with this country and will eradicate corruption from the country.

The people of the basin used to say that there was a lot of noise during the time of Imran Khan when there was inflation, but now everyone is silent about the rise in inflation.

While PTI spotters from Lahore were angry with their party and decided to vote for PML-N this time, some PML-N supporters were seen deciding to vote for PTI. Women also held all political parties responsible for inflation.

During the survey, a large number of people refused to vote. These people said that no political party is sincere with the country, while there are few people in this constituency who vote for other parties.

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