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The Adiala prison administration returned the food that came from Sheikh Rasheed’s houseTAZAA News

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Rawalpindi: The Adiala Jail administration returned the favorite food sent from home to Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.

According to the report of “Express News”, Antamiya prison refused to accept food, yakhni, dal meat and white rice cooked for Sheikh Rashid from home and did not allow it to be delivered to Sheikh Rashid.

In this regard, Sheikh Rashid’s cousin and former member of the National Assembly Sheikh Rashid Shafiq told Express that Sheikh Rashid Ahmed likes gramdal meat and white rice in his food, he went to Adiala prison, but the prison staff refused to accept him. and deliver it to Sheikh Rashid, and then they brought food.

In this regard, we contacted the prison administration that Sunday is a holiday, on which day prisoners are not allowed to meet and deliver any goods.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, the former Federal Minister of Interior, who was taken into custody yesterday after two days of arrest in the Tana Kohsar case and was kept in the strong barracks of Adiala Central Jail, his condition deteriorated on the first day. the day the administration conducted a physical examination of him by the prison medical officer.

The medical officer took the readings of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed’s temperature, blood pressure, pulse, etc., and Sheikh Rashid Ahmad’s temperature was 99. Similarly, other indicators also came out normal, but the medical doctor prescribed Pinda Dol. for heat. Meanwhile, the prison administration says that Sheikh Rashid’s condition is better.

It should be mentioned that Sheikh Rashid Ahmed was shaking even when he appeared in court in Kachari district.

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