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HomeBusinessThe Anti-Terrorism Court rejected Imran Khan's bail for non-appearanceTAZAA News

The Anti-Terrorism Court rejected Imran Khan’s bail for non-appearanceTAZAA News

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Islamabad: The Anti-Terrorism Court rejected Imran Khan’s bail for non-appearance.

Jawad Abbas, the judge of the Anti-Terrorism Court, discussed the case of protests before the Election Commission, in which the court also rejected Imran Khan’s request for immunity.

The anti-terrorist court had also given Imran Khan a deadline to appear before midnight, but he did not appear before the court at the appointed time, on the basis of which the court canceled his bail.

The court says that such a discount cannot be given to any accused of a gunshot wound, if such a discount is given, it will be for all the accused and the court does not want to set such a precedent.

It should be said that Imran Khan was under temporary detention in the case of protests and riots based on the decision of the Election Commission, and the court gave Imran Khan time until today.


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