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The arrival of the IMF, the country will shake – Daily AusafTAZAA News

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*…The terrible landscape of the country after the arrival of the IMF! Yes, gasoline 288, diesel 323 liters is possible! All transport, means of transport, cargo are in danger, inflation will increase a lot! O Punjab, large-scale reshuffle of top officers, several secretaries, seven commissioners, all RPOs, boards of directors of many departments replaced, entire administration delayed O March 16: By-elections for 33 vacant seats in the National Assembly O Punjab 9 DIGs of Police to the federation back Hey Bani Gala, Imran Khan’s security is over Hey Fawad Choudhary in Adiala Jail Hey Ishaq Dar: Discussion with Imran Khan Hey Parvez Elohi, sorry for supporting Fawad Choudhary’s arrest! Hey “Asif Zardari has planned to kill me” Imran Khan! Qamar-ul-Zaman Qaira’s harsh response against Johangir Tarin and his son Ali Tarin, the two billion rupees money laundering case is over! O Sania Mirza, retired from tennis O Much snow in Murr.

When the price of the dollar reaches 266 rupees, the whole nation will be shaken, resulting in a 17 to 30 percent increase in the cost of oil and gas imports, with people likely to get petrol at 288 rupees and diesel at 323.3 rupees. liter Readers can imagine the terrible consequences of this situation. The fares of passenger buses, trucks are getting very high, many buses and trucks are out of service because they don’t have the high cost of fuel. What will happen to the price of vegetables, fruits and other expensive goods if transportation is expensive? This is not a simple concern, there are logical consequences of a sudden 35 rupees increase in the dollar exchange rate. *… the price of the dollar in India is 81 rupees and 60 tins! One rupee of India, three rupees of Pakistan 22 rupees) As the bad situation of Pakistan is mocked in Indian newspapers, I stopped watching Indian newspapers. But what difference will it make? Now SBP should come with sword in hand and stay in Pakistan for 10 days. During the time of Quaid-e-Azam, even during the period of severe financial difficulties, the dollar exchange rate was only 5 rupees, today it has reached 266 rupees and the IMF has not come yet!! Who to complain to? Who to complain to? All robbers, all thieves! After returning to Pakistan, palaces, houses in London and Paris, trillions of companies in America, Dubai and Malaysia, children of Imran, Nawaz, Jahangir Tareen, Azam Swati, Farooq Sattar, even sons-in-law left! They give billions of taxes to other countries, they come to Pakistan only to rule. Imran’s voice about the billions of assets of the families of Sharif, Zardari, and Tarin abroad is absolutely true, but Imran Khan! You had a luxury house in a palace in the most expensive area of ​​Lahore, so why and how a 300 kanal palace in Bani Gala? You said yourself that you don’t have money, so?? I will not name any more, there are some names that are decorated in the name of religion worth millions and billions of shops and drive around in expensive luxury cars. (I have a very religious family myself) Time is running out. I’m not the only one, the whole nation is shocked that bloodthirsty wolves, bloodthirsty wolves, but flies have brought to the country! It is a pity that the desire of these cannibals for power and wealth has not yet been fulfilled. None of these national leaders have seen the sacrifice of millions of Pakistani martyrs, all of them were born later, studied in foreign institutions, became trillions of assets in foreign countries, and their children are left there like pillars. Parents. came to return to Pakistan and rule it! Sarfraz Syed, who saw half of his family on the border between Pakistan and India on August 15, 1947, can no longer remain silent. My heart wants to put a collar in front of the power houses of Islamabad and kill these delusional heroes! Thieves, robbers, robbers, all enemies of the country! Whose name should I take and remove the mask from the faces? Someone is a bicycle shop, someone is a small medicine shop, someone is a 10×12 meter iron shop, someone is selling movie tickets in black clothes!! Most matrixes could not go beyond the FA and… any other country’s president, prime minister often? Wrath of God, the country is bankrupt and the cabinet of 78 ministers and advisers, the biggest anchor of the country!! I don’t know what will happen to me after writing this! It happens who will breathe first. What will happen to the entire nation from hunger, thirst and deadly diseases in the coming days? Istgfar, Inna Lilloh and Inna Ilya Rochiyun! NAB had established a theater earlier. Now the FIA ​​clings to the nation like ghosts and witches of the desert, sucks its blood and laughs at all the poor people who, by forgiving billions of trillions of loot, squeeze the nation’s blood! All corruption below 50 crores more than trillions taken from NAB and stuffed in their pockets. After covering up the shameful corruption of Sharifs, Zardaris and others, now the two billion rupees money laundering case against Jahangir Tareen and his son Ali Tareen has been withdrawn as both were found innocent and innocent!! *… Finance Minister Ishaq Dar invited Imran Khan to discuss the situation of the country. I don’t know, what was the idea of ​​arguing, competing with the Ishaq Dar exhibition of the most expensive cars in Dubai and the luxurious palace of Bani Gala Imran Khan or opening the generation of the past? what now Maybe it is not possible to say what their children are doing abroad? Readers! Until the arrival of the bloodthirsty wizards of the IMF, how much should be lamented about the state of the country by people who have children and assets abroad? His eyes are watering and his hands are shaking at the state of the country. My family died for the indulgences of these bloodthirsty heroes?? What I did, the whole country is shaking!! *…and…and…Parvaiz Elahi not only supported the support of Fawad Chaudhary, but said that this should have been done long ago. The mood of PTI became bad because of this and apologized. When the Prime Minister was abducted by Parviz Elohi, he was in a state of despair and bad mood, that’s how it happened! Ibn Insha remembers that “When the people of the city don’t allow, why don’t they go to Ban and rest?”. If he doesn’t talk crazy, what else can he do?

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