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The blood of regional traditionsTAZAA News

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After the signing of the statement sent by the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the Governor, a phase was completed after which the interim Chief Minister should be appointed within a certain period, but from the statement it seems that the traditional community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa values ​​have been taken care of. and consultation is done well. In this regard, the situation has reached such a place that instead of good consultation and following Pakhtun traditions and parliamentary traditions of the region, unfortunately, the situation is the opposite, there is no possibility to consult with the leader of the opposition and the president of the republic. .And the Prime Minister confronted each other that after this it seems that both will not agree on the same name. Run away. It is said that Akram Durrani is beautiful just to sit in his community. with the Prime Minister. After this statement, Prime Minister Mahmud Khan also showed a strong reaction. Mahmud Khan said that Akram Durrani and his group are running away from the elections. People have seen their disgusting faces. It is a pity that our political leaders use this kind of language, they do not care about the traditions of the region. This kind of bazaar language increases the hatred of the people for politics in the country. Previously, the situation in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa did not face this level of pollution. , but little by little the color of those who use inappropriate language rose on the faces of our politicians and now the politician is the one who uses it the most. for others, contradictory and insulting words. It has now become a habit that politics is impossible without verbal firefights and our media is also responsible for propagating this heresy. Now that the election process is about to begin in the region, it would be better if our political leaders at least agree on this matter, that they do not call each other bad names and do not take the approach of accusations and slander without evidence. political criticism reveals that political statements are full of nonsense and baseless accusations, which are not true. , which has no place in religion, ethics, and political science. All benefits are related to the stabilization of the environment for political activity. It depends on creating favorable or tension. The need for a stable and suitable environment for transparent elections is essential. Sit in a good atmosphere. The Prime Minister should not be ashamed of not recognizing each other’s names by proposing their names, but in this process there should not be reluctance and contradictory statements, so as to the environment does not have a bad effect and even if there is tension and hatred. it should not be where opposing political parties compete with each other in political clubs and popularity and success and strive for success transparently with the support of society.

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