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The Chief Minister of Balochistan blamed the media for eradicating terrorism in the provinceTAZAA News

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Abdulqudus Bizenjo.  : Photo : File

Abdulqudus Bizenjo. : Photo : File

Quetta: The Prime Minister of Balochistan said that if the media does not promote terrorists, 70% of terrorism will be reduced.

Talking to journalists in Quetta, Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Quds Bizenjo said that if the media does not promote terrorists by showing responsibility, terrorism will be reduced by 70% and what is shown in the media will be true. done to get the news out.

He said that some things become national responsibility. Mass media of Balochistan have fulfilled their responsibility. They are trying to improve the situation day by day. Balochistan is a backward province. NFC award gives very little money. Financially our position is weak. , but we are trying to improve the police, if the situation here is bad, it affects the whole country.

Abdulqudus Bizenjo said that I have hope and trust in God that I will fulfill my responsibility and try to fulfill it.

The prime minister said that they lost the case of the Recodik project in the international court, but the participation in the lost case is our great success. Transactions of up to 8 billion dollars have never been made in history.

He said that Balochistan needs support in order to progress towards development and prosperity, malicious elements have achieved their dirty goals by using our sane people.

Prime Minister said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is playing an active role, NFC was in debt from last year and this year, PPL is in debt from 2016, we have taken a firm stand, we hope that Prime Minister will take action on the problem of Balochistan. More measures will be taken, Balochistan is a tribal province. , there are not only political traditions but also tribal traditions.

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