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The decision not to introduce a small budget will be presented through an order in the parliament, the press conference of the finance minister will also be cancelled.TAZAA News

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Islamabad (Power Daily) The government has decided not to introduce the micro budget through an ordinance and now the supplementary finance bill is being submitted to the National Assembly and the Senate for approval. In this regard, the federal cabinet approved the draft finance law. The parliament session was called on Wednesday.

After these developments, the press conference of the Minister of Finance Ishaq Dar was also canceled. The standing committees of the Majlis and the Senate will make recommendations on the bill. According to the regulations, the implementation of the recommendations of the parliament is the competence of the parliament. According to sources, the finance bill is likely to be approved by the committees of both houses, the National Assembly and the Senate on the same day, and the bill will be sent to the president for consideration. signed on Thursday evening. Existing obstacles on the way to the agreement with the Ministry of Finance will be removed, in the bill of finance, a proposal to introduce new taxes in the amount of 170 billion rupees will be presented. It should be said that President Dr. Arif Alvi. objected to the implementation of the small budget decree. While the government wanted to implement the small budget by issuing a decree on Tuesday, but now this decision has been taken. It is said that the Finance Bill will be submitted to the National Assembly. Finance Minister Senator Shak Dar had a meeting with President Arif Alvi, and in the meeting, the Finance Minister told the President about the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and informed consensus.

The president praised the efforts of the government to negotiate with the IMF and said that the Pakistani state fulfills the promises made by the government to the IMF, but the president said that it is more correct to trust the parliament. on an important topic.

The session of the parliament should be called immediately to pass the bill without delay. On the other hand, a meeting of the Federal Cabinet was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, where the economic and political situation of the country was discussed. was reviewed.. According to Naji TV, the draft law on finance will be submitted to the session of the Majlisi Milli.

The Minister of Finance will give a briefing on the bill, after the approval of the National Assembly, the Small Budget will also be presented in the Senate. According to the sources, the meetings of the National Assembly and the Senate are called with an interval of one hour. First, there will be a meeting of the National Assembly where a bill to amend the tax laws will be presented and approved. An hour after the session of the National Assembly, the tax bill will also be presented in the Senate session.

At the meeting of the government, it was decided to immediately approve the tax law amendment bill by suspending the rules from the National Assembly, while the tax law amendment bill will be submitted to the Senate for recommendations. The government approves the resolution by suspending the rules even in the majority draft. The Senate decides to pass the tax reform bill as is.

In addition, the federal cabinet approved the increase in electricity and gas prices. The Federal Cabinet approved the decisions made at the meetings of the Economic Coordination Committee when approving an increase in the tax on jewelry. At the meeting of the Federal Cabinet, the report of the Department of Energy on the breakdown of electricity was presented and the members were informed. The Cabinet also approved measures related to energy efficiency.

Based on it, the number of members of the cabinet will be reduced, and the government’s expenses will be reduced. The economy committee, which was established by the Prime Minister’s instructions, decided to reduce the salaries of the members of the assembly by fifteen percent and pay more than five million dollars. pensions and armed bureaucrats, judges.. He recommended that the forces should not be given more than one continent.

With the recommendation of the committee, the size of the cabinet will be reduced to 30 people. The economy committee has recommended that no development fund should be given to the deputies and no one should be given a pension of more than 5 million rupees a month. state officials should not be given big cars from the state treasury, all privileges, security, support workers and utilities should be taken from retired state, military and justice officials.

While the salaries of all members of the national and provincial assemblies and senators will be reduced by 15%. The committee suggested that the budget of all ministries, sub-divisional offices, provincial governments and foreign embassies be reduced by 15%. and provincial levels. , officials, judges and officers of the armed forces should not be given more than one plot and those who are given more than one plot of land.

They should be scrapped and put up for auction, no new green projects should be started under CPEC except for Special Industrial Zones. The austerity committee suggested banning recruitment and easing security protocols for everyone. Additional cabinet members or aides could work on public welfare, with the budget frozen until June 2024.

At the same time, the purchase of all types of cars should be stopped. The committee recommended that the creation of new administrative units be completely prohibited, voluntary grants and secret service funds be limited, and a progressive property tax be introduced everywhere. regions, free electricity units given to employees of energy distribution organizations should be abolished.

A system of prepaid electricity and gas meters should be introduced. In addition to this, the committee suggested that business and commercial activities are not the business of the government, state enterprises should be transferred to other ways. He refused to sign and suggested. call a meeting to the Minister of Finance. After the proposal of the President, the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs prepared the conclusion. Sources say that the meeting of the upper chamber was delayed only because of the order of the president.


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