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The Electoral Commission rejected the President’s invitation to consult on the election dayTAZAA News

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The Election Commission rejected the President’s offer to consult on the election day in Punjab and KP.
Web table: According to details, the Secretary of the Election Commission Umar Hamid has written a letter to the President regarding the issue of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly elections.
The letter says that the issue of elections in Punjab and KP is pending in various judicial forums, the Election Commission cannot enter into the process of consultation with the President’s office, the Election Commission will take a decision on this matter in the meeting on Monday.
The letter states that the office of the President is the highest constitutional institution, the President is the head of the state, the Election Commission respects the President.
According to the text of the letter, the secretary of the Electoral Commission says that the Electoral Commission understands its constitutional and legal responsibility and will take legal action related to this decision.
The letter states that the Election Commission has filed an application for guidance from the Lahore High Court, while 3 applications have also been filed in the Peshawar High Court.

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