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The Faisal Mosque ice sculpture is the centerpiece of the China Ice ParkTAZAA News

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Harban: (Web Desk) The ice sculpture of the Faisal Mosque in Pakistan became the center of attention of the famous Chinese ice park (Ice Festival).
The theme of ice in the coldest city of Harbin, China was opened on December 17. This is the world’s most famous park of giant ice and snow sculptures. It covers 810,000 square meters, including 100 More than 100 attractions made of ice. , sculptures, slides and lots of fun.
According to reports, this ice park also has about 8 entertainment points, the entry of citizens is completely free.
Like every year, in this festival, where buildings made of ice are in the center of people’s attention, this year the famous Faisal Mosque of Pakistan has also found a place in the hearts of citizens.
According to reports, 2,300 cubic meters of ice were used to prepare this ice mosque monument.
This statue is decorated with beautiful colored lights, in front of which many citizens also take pictures.
It should be said that the ice festival continues every year from December to the end of February, which is visited by tourists from all over the world.

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