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The Finance bill will bring inflation storm in the country, the President took a very good step by not signing the finance bill order, Imran KhanTAZAA News

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Lahore (Quadrat Newspaper) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that efforts are being made to pressure judges through illegal wiretapping. the main supporter of PDP in violating the constitution.

They do not accept the fascism of the incoming government and efforts to deviate from the Basic Law in any way. He expressed these thoughts on Saturday during his stay with journalists and senior writers. Imran Khan said that the campaign of ugly propaganda against the judicial system, especially the judge, is shameful, efforts to avoid the role are for supremacy, the court is the only hope of the nation, judges should make the constitution supreme without pressure. He said that the Chief Election Commissioner is the main supporter of the People’s Democratic Party in violation of the constitution, efforts are being made to turn our allies into a symbol of revenge, political dictatorship, lawlessness, violation of democratic and economic values. destruction Jail Bharu Movement will stop this disgraceful series with the support and support of the nation, Jail Bharu Movement announced, will voluntarily fill the jails for real freedom. He said that stability is impossible without the rule of law in Pakistan. Economic stability can be achieved without political stability. no, fundamental rights are violated to enslave the nation.

General Bajwa admitted he changed the government, General Bajwa broke his oath and admitted that NAB was under his influence. True, we should have remained neutral on Ukraine, Russia, General Rtd Bajwa admitted that he made recordings. , which is an illegal act.

The military establishment should investigate this action of retired General Bajwa. Imran Khan said that the president of the country made a good move by not signing the finance law decree, the new finance law bill in the parliament will bring a storm of inflation in the country, economic indicators in the process of Tehri-i-Shwarkan Insaf, money transfer, agriculture. , industry and employment opportunities increased,

In our time, investments were coming into the country, people’s confidence in Pakistan is increasing, the rating of Pakistan by the Fitch organization is three times C negative and the risk of default is up to 100%, the risk of bankruptcy of the country in the period of agitation. -e-Insaaf It was only up to 5 percent. He said that the doctors have forbidden me to walk, but they call me to court many times, he joined politics 26 years ago for the supremacy of the law.

How can those who bring the country to disaster fix it? Like 99, the (N) League in 2018 has overcome a devastated economy. We were also in the IMF program, but despite this, Pakistan’s development is affected by the depreciation of the rupee. coming to every sector and inflation became a big problem for the people, we had 16 billion dollars in reserves, which has reduced to about 3 billion today, the achievement of the incoming government is that corruption has been eliminated, all our cases have been forgiven, we have two governments We sacrificed to get the country out of the crisis through elections.

Their best effort is to call the election when they think the Tehreek Insaf is over, Article 105 of the Constitution clearly states that when the assembly is dissolved, the election must be held within 90 days. Imran Khan said that the control governments brought in are not only in our favor, but also against us, they persecute our people, arrest them unjustly, the fascism of the incoming government and efforts to avoid the Constitution are not acceptable in any way. will do, instead of going through anarchy, while living in the constitution, they took a democratic method of resistance to the Jail Bharu movement, workers and people of the whole country are voluntarily imprisoned. start


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