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The girl was raped in the forest area of ​​F9 Park where it was darkTAZAA News

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Islamabad (Qudrat Newspaper) Islamabad Inspector General of Police said during a briefing to the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights that on February 2 the girl was raped in the forest area of ​​F9 Park where it was dark. Senator Waleed Iqbal In the presiding session, IG Police Islamabad said that no one has been arrested in this incident so far, arrests are made only on strong evidence, there are 2 suspects, both of them were armed.
According to Geo News, IG Akbar Naseer Khan told the committee that there will be more fear if the checks to enter the park are tightened. Security measures have been increased in the park. With the help of other sources, 100 cameras will also be installed. park
Earlier, the Islamabad Police had told the Public Accounts Committee that the investigation into the F9 incident is ongoing and results will be available soon.

During the meeting, PAC Chairman Noor Alam Khan asked about the incident with the girl at F9 Park and what action was taken against the police and CDA officials. IG Police Islamabad said that the investigation into F-9 incident is going on. The chairman of PAS said that cameras have been installed where the “Safe City” is. IG Islamabad said that 900 cameras have been installed in five to six months and more cameras will be installed in the park.
The PAC chairman said how long the investigation would take. IG Islamabad said that they will try to get the result as soon as possible, they will try to inform the committee after a week. It should be noted that Pemra has banned the coverage of the case of gang rape of a woman in F9 Park in the media. Broadcasting of news and reports about the incident in FF Nine Park is immediately prohibited, in case of violation, the license of the channels may be suspended without notice of the reasons for the show.


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