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“The government will not have money to continue Benezir’s income support program”TAZAA News

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The current agreement with the IMF also contains a dangerous clause. In the coming days, people’s bank deposits will also be seized. The dangerous thing about this is that when people find out about it, people will withdraw their money from the banks and the banks will collapse. If businesses are closed due to taxes, production will decrease, resulting in lower taxes for the government and higher unemployment. These measures increase the budget deficit even more. 22 percent of Benazir’s income support program is financed by external loans. The government will not have enough money to continue programs like Benazir’s Income Support. In all this situation only one sector will benefit financially and that sector is the private banks of Pakistan. In the current conditions, the government cannot help the people. This is said by the economist Kaiser Bengali.

Senior journalist Aamir Zia, speaking on Naya Dur TV’s talk show Khabar Se Aiya, says the decisions the government has to take after the IMF deal will be unpopular, but it is an inevitable situation. . If Ishaq Dar had followed Mifta’s plan, the situation would have been a little better today. Eat a hundred onions and a hundred shoes today. Economists predict that the inflation rate is at risk of rising to 35 to 45 percent. The first condition for getting out of this situation is to create political stability in the country. Imran Khan’s new position on the American conspiracy is beneficial for the Pakistani state. This will make no difference to Imran Khan’s base.

Renowned scientist Zaigham Khan said that the statistics show that the period of difficulties is ahead and the crisis should be over for at least the next four years. Because big loans were taken in the last seven years. Shavkat Tarin continued the seventh and eighth reviews for several months. They left the budget deficit. If you must arrest them, arrest them for this crime. After that, Asad Omar was arrested, and then Ishaq Dar. Ishaq Dar waived the ninth trial and is guilty along with Shavkat Tareen and Asad Umar. At the moment, the biggest loss to the Muslim League will be to Ishaq Dar and nepotism.

He said that Imran Khan understands that if he wants to come to power, he must correct his anti-American image. His supporters have to come up with strange explanations, but they do not deviate from their support of Imran Khan. It is unfortunate that a great political leader has taken the country’s foreign policy for his own political purposes.

Economist Dr. Akdas Afzal Ka said that there was a time when Pakistan’s foreign reserves exceeded 20 billion dollars, and then there were political crises, which continued to decrease. At that time we were in a weak position and the IMF took full advantage of this by imposing strict conditions. We have no choice but to accept the terms of the IMF. The highest rate of inflation in the history of Pakistan in the last 50 years continues and it will increase further in the coming days. Another 2 million people will go below the poverty line. In the coming days, the state will collect funds through privatization, but what will be the priority of the government after that is important.

Murtaza Solangi said that Shavkat Tareen did to the economy what he did to Silk Bank and Asad Umar did to the economy of Pakistan what he did to Engro. With his recent statement, Imran Khan wants America to sympathize with Pakistan Army and say that I am not your opponent, but General Bajwa misrepresented me.

The host of the program was Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aaida” is broadcast on Naya Dur TV every Monday to Saturday from 21:05.

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