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The government’s decision to raise the price of oil products – Public newsTAZAA News

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Islamabad: According to sources, the government has once again decided to increase the price of petroleum products in accordance with the terms of the IMF.

The government has decided to drop an inflationary bomb on the people by increasing the price of petroleum products by 32 rupees per liter, which is expected from tomorrow, Thursday, February 16.

Fuel duty on diesel will also go up by Rs 10 per litre, bringing the total increase to Rs 50 per litre, sources said.

According to the relevant authorities and industry sources, the price of petrol increased by 12.8% to Rs 281.87 and diesel by 12.8% to Rs 262.8 to Rs 295.64.

Kerosene will cost Rs 217.88 per litre, light diesel will cost Rs 196.90 per litre, these prices are based on taxes, diesel duty which is Rs 40 per liter will be Rs 10 to Rs 50 per litre. will go

The goal is to get 850 billion rupees from this increase, but the shortfall is 250 billion rupees. The government increased the price of oil products by 35 rupees from February 1 to 15.

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