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HomeBusinessThe heartfelt video of the Syrian girl made people cryTAZAA News

The heartfelt video of the Syrian girl made people cryTAZAA News

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The civil war in Syria since 2011 has affected not hundreds and thousands of people, but millions of people.

The Syrian civil war and the events related to it are the worst tragedy of the 21st century, and it seems that this tragedy will continue for many years and will bring with it a lot of pain and suffering.

The latest incident that happened in these sad and shocking events in Syria is a little girl whose tears fell down her cold cheeks and shocked the whole world.

In a video posted on social media, a girl suffering from extreme cold in Syria and suffering from lack of food, while crying, narrated her plight. He said that my sister died of cold, but there is no one to save us and help us. Having said this, he cried uncontrollably and tears flowed down his face.

According to the report of al-Arabiya.net, the video of the interpreter of the current situation of this Syrian girl has spread like wildfire on social networks. Seeing the condition of the girl in the video, every eye that had a heartache shed tears.

This is not the cry of a girl because of the tragedy of Syria. This video is a fresh example of the destruction of humanity in a country devastated by civil war.

The cry of the girl was heard and she said: “My sister died of cold. I don’t know how warm the whole world is except us, we are shivering in the cold. The air is very cold, we are dying of cold.”

He explained that he was staying with his family and was running out of gas. At night, when he sleeps, he does not know whether his limbs are with him or not, because his hands and feet are stiff from the cold.

He said that his sister died of severe cold. His family turned on the “heater” and gathered around him to warm him from the severe cold.


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