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The IMF is asking the government to seek details of assets from government officials and employeesTAZAA News

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged the government to ask government officials and other government employees to disclose their assets, 24NewsHD TV reported on Thursday.

Sources told 24News that the IMF has also asked Pakistan to amend laws governing the assets of civil servants.

Moreover, they added, the Treasury has asked the government to disclose the assets of this bureaucrat abroad.

The government was also required to disclose the 17 to 22 government employees before opening bank accounts.

They further said that government officials were also asked to disclose details of their assets three years ago, but later it was found that the assets of most senior officials were not registered with the Federal Board of Revenue.

Sources said that the properties belonging not only to local body (LB) officials in Karachi but also to some ordinary LB employees were extremely large.

Moreover, they added, some of the bureaucrats arrested by the National Accountability Bureau had so many assets that they did not appear to be public servants.

Sources told 24News that some government officials have now become multi-billionaires by abusing their powers.

Last time, when this exercise was done, there were some government officials who gave full details about their properties.

These officers say that now their colleagues who have amassed huge assets through fraud or swindling should worry, while they themselves had nothing to worry about as they had not indulged in any financial corruption.

Further, these officers said that if the corrupt officers are put under the scanner and the looted wealth is recovered from them, the country will get rid of more than half of its debt.

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