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The laborer died 1 year ago in suspicious condition, the wife demanded to be tested. Laborer died 1 year ago in suspicious condition, wife demanded to be tested TAZAA News

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Betul33 minutes ago

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On the death of the husband in Dulara village of Ghoradongri, Sehore, about a year ago under suspicious circumstances, his wife has now demanded a re-examination of the body on the basis of suspicion. In fact, due to lack of employment, Vinod Uike of Dulara had gone to Shahganj along with other people of the village to do agriculture based labour. During this, on July 14, 2021, Vinod died under suspicious circumstances.

In this case, Vinod’s wife Lakshmi Uike told in the application submitted to the collector on Tuesday that she got a call from a woman on July 14, 2021, saying that your husband has died. Lakshmi told that after this he had left for Hoshangabad with the family to see the dead husband. As soon as he reached Shahpur, a person named Pappu Patel called and told that you do not need to come to Hoshangabad, have got the dead body tested. The body has been brought to Dulara village. The wife of the deceased Vinod says that when they saw the dead body, the hand was folded with Sujan in the right hand. Swelling was visible in the calves of both the feet with thick swelling on the forehead.

Other workers disclosed the assault

The complainant Lakshmi told that Rinki Uike, Sunita Merscole, Karishma, Cat, Phulma and Ojhe of the village who went to work with the deceased husband told that Vinod was told by Santosh alias Pappu Chauhan, Sanjeev alias Sanju Chauhan and others by village Machwai (Station Shahganj). In district Sehore) on July 13, 2021, we were beaten with sticks in the night in front of us. This incident happened in front of them. After the incident of assault came to light, Lakshmi urged that the body be re-examined in case of doubt. He has demanded to examine the dead body and take action against the culprits.

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