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HomeBusinessThe Lahore High Court rejected Imran Khan's anticipatory bail pleaTAZAA News

The Lahore High Court rejected Imran Khan’s anticipatory bail pleaTAZAA News

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The Lahore High Court rejected the security bail request of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman.

The two-member panel of the Lahore High Court headed by the judge Ali Baqir Najafi held a meeting. Imran Khan had applied for protective bail at the Singh Jani police station to avoid arrest. Defense counsel Azhari Siddique was appointed on behalf of Imran Khan and he presented his legal representation in the court.

During the hearing, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan’s lawyer again insisted on granting bail to Imran Khan without appearing.

The lawyer told the court that Dr. Faisal, Imran Khan’s doctor, will appear in court and report on Imran Khan’s health condition. After that, the hearing was postponed again. When the trial resumed, the court adjourned the trial again until 2 o’clock due to the non-appearance of Imran Khan’s defense attorney.

Justice Tariq Saleem Shaikh of the Lahore High Court resumed the hearing on the protective bail. However, Imran Khan did not appear in court. The lawyer told the court that another bail was offered for Imran Khan. Dr. Faisal is present in the court and informs the court that after that Imran Khan’s doctor Dr. Faisal came to the podium.

The lawyer told the court that we have received relief from the Islamabad High Court in this case. I want to withdraw Imran Khan’s security bail application.

Justice Tariq Saleem Shaikh asked if there was a difference between Imran Khan’s signature on the power of attorney and the affidavit. This is a very important issue. I am giving you or your client a notice of default. I am not withdrawing the application. I am waiting for this application. Please explain the signature issue.

Judge Ali Baqir Najafi said that they do not encourage bail without appearing. Imran Khan comes in a wheelchair.

The court again gave Imran Khan 6 and a half hours and adjourned the trial, but Imran Khan did not appear in court.

While writing the decision, the two lawyers again asked the court to wait for some time. Judge Ali Baqir paused for some time due to the speech of the defense attorneys, but as soon as the defense attorneys were silent, the collegium announced the decision to reject the request.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday the judge of the anti-terrorist court, Javad Abbas, rejected the request for bail of Imran Khan in the case related to the protest before the Election Commission.

Imran Khan later filed a protective bail application in the Lahore High Court.

In the appeal, Imran Khan took the position of the former prime minister and the leader of a major party in the country. The deadly attack during the Freedom march resulted in injuries.

Imran Khan said that due to his injuries, he could not leave his residence in Zaman Park. He could not appear in Islamabad court due to injury. The Anti-Terrorism Court denied bail for failure to appear. Therefore, the bond should be issued.

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