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The letter, which was sent in 1916, reached its destination a century laterTAZAA News

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LONDON: A letter sent in 1916 has reached its destination more than 100 years later.

This letter was found in 2021 in the mailbox of theater director Finlay Glenn, who lives in the same house. This letter was sent from the city of Bath (Bath) in Great Britain to London, bearing the seal of the then King George V, which gives information about its original history.

This letter was sent to a woman named Cathy Marsh by her friend Christabel Mennell in 1916. It is interesting that the house to which the letter was sent has long since been demolished and is now located in those houses. It is in the same building.

Finley Glen says that when he first saw the writing on the letter, he thought it was 2016, but then he looked at the stamp and realized it was from 1916. After that he decided to open the envelope and see the letter.

On the other hand, according to Royal Mail, the British postal department, the reason for the delay in sending the letter is still unknown. But according to experts, this letter may have been lost in the sorting center that was closed, but it seems that work is now underway to restore this center, so this letter is hidden in a corner after a century. reached

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