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The more we defeat India, the more Pakistan will be threatened, Ramiz Raja – Public NewsTAZAA News

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Former PCB chairman Ramiz Raja said that the more India loses in international matches, the more proud Pakistan will be.

Former Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ramiz Raja says playing in World Cup final was a big achievement.You took GT Road instead of highway, but you got there, Aql says model running, don’t flirt on the white ball. This team is in first place.

Ramiz Raja said that the more we withdraw from ICCC funding, the better it will be. Most of the resources are created in ICC and they are from India. India’s thinking is to leave Pakistan and then go somewhere else. They will not stay here.

He said the whole ICC is about money, I had a very clear stand on this, India says they will not go to Pakistan, they will also win the Asia Cup from here, losing is not our choice, we have all proved that. time. India should do something because we are a bigger team than them.

The former PCB chairman said that if there is leadership in this board, then they should think twice about the World Cup rather than saying that I will reverse everything or go in the opposite direction. As controversial as you want, this model is not going anywhere.

Ramez Raja said how much money is there in the cricket board, it’s all for the cricketers, they are trying to do forced things, I don’t understand what is the reason for this, the new administration has come in, then he has kind of said Yes, the results will be negative.

He said that they are engaged in repairs, they don’t like campers. At that time, I was playing cricket, when 9 people tried to win and two people hit the stumps. In my book, such people are respected. No, this will never happen. Then he said that a lot of work has been done to make the field faster, but it takes time. This is a one and a half year game.

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