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The need to improve the political environmentTAZAA News

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The Pakistan People’s Party has called upon all political parties to come together and develop a code of conduct so that they do not cross political and necessary boundaries when confronting each other and agree to deal with the various crises facing the nation. This PKK announcement came after the postponement of the all-party conference, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has refused to participate in the all-party conference. The government has given reasons for postponing the all-party conference twice. It was silent for a week, even the united parties, including the People’s Democratic Party, do not know the reasons for the postponement. that all political parties should unite in a single program to save the nation from crises. He added that if all political parties have a code of conduct, if we agree on ethics, we can overcome the crisis and determine the path of development. But if any party decides not to play and leave others, failure will ultimately be the fate of the nation, this is the last chance of the political parties to save the country, otherwise history will not forgive us. Meanwhile, PTI Leader Fawad Chaudhry said that he has the opportunity to Bilawal Bhutto does not rule out his party’s participation in any talks proposed by him. He said that the establishment and all political parties should sit together. And should give space to each other. About the question. which was officially invited by the People’s Party, Fawad Chaudhry said that when such an opportunity arises, we will go ahead. the government who wanted to manage it, at a time when Tehriki Insaf’s return to the parliament seemed normal, he could not create the conditions necessary for the meeting. Despite this, the government and PDM parties should take into account the reasons for not holding the all-party conference and stabilize the situation, they should not refrain from adopting a purely theoretical policy. is trying to stabilize the political situation. This is Ahsan Sae’s sign that the requirement is that the People’s Democratic Party and the coalition parties should take the initiative and the government should pay special attention to creating a political environment. political consensus In this regard, mass media should also play a positive role, PTI showed, and the possibility of willingness was also shown, therefore, in order to stabilize the political situation in the country. In this regard, mid-term and national elections should be discussed and understood, if the government shows a middle way, the discussion can start. The atmosphere should not only be stabilized, but also stability is needed to improve the economic conditions through the immediate start of confidence-building cooperation and behind-the-scenes cooperation, followed by an all-party conference. it is impossible without sacrifice of stubbornness and ego.

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