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The new academic year at SABS University begins with student orientationTAZAA News

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HYDERABAD – The new academic year at Jamshoro University of Arts, Design and Heritage (SABS) Shahid Allah Buksh Soom began on Monday with an orientation and welcome ceremony for the new batch of 2022-23. During the ceremony, the vice-rector of SABS University, Prof. Dr. Bhai Khan Shar welcomed the new batch and said that the higher institutes provide a platform for the youth to discover their hidden talents. SABS was a unique type of institution where students were given the opportunity to prove themselves in academic and extracurricular activities, he stressed. He said in a short period of time, SABS University has established international relations with artists around the world and it is fruitful for students to be able to interact and learn from artists of the world. He said that the campus is an educational place where students learn the code of life and any kind of smoking and drugs that can harm the health of the youth are strictly prohibited.

He encouraged students to write articles, essays, reports, poems and other creative works to explore different aspects of their personality and publish them in the official newsletters and other publications of the university. He described the students enrolled at SABS University as lucky and well-deserved to have excelled in their chosen field, which helps them create and project new thoughts and ideas. Dr. Shar said that creativity is revelation and revelation comes from nature and is given by God. Heads of various departments, including prof. Shazia Abro, prof. Rajkumar, Prof. Muhammad Salim Jhatial, professors of the faculty. Fazal Ellahi Khan, prof. Shahid Qayyum Memon, prof. Zubair Ahmed Bhutto, Reception Officer Zulqarnain Bhutto, Public Relations Officer Latif Gaad and others spoke at the ceremony. The students were taken to their respective departments where they were briefed on the staff, studios, subjects, classrooms and various departments.


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