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The police have arrested the accused who had sexually assaulted a 9-year-old girl for two months in Rangareddy district TAZAA News

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A man-beast with his eyes closed in lust fulfilled his lust on the child. He raped a 9-year-old girl for two months and caused her illness. This incident, which came to light late, created a stir in Rangareddy district. Locals caught and crushed the accused who behaved in such a way that the members of the community bowed their heads in shame. The body was cleaned and handed over to the police.

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Kamandha who was stripped bare..
Within the twin cities, there is always a source of lust. Even babies and small children are not left because they can’t wink their eyes and wink with lust. A terrible incident took place in Ranga Reddy district. A 9-year-old girl who lives in a neighbor’s house has a lustful eye. A young man has come from Bihar and is working in Hyderabad to make a living. He laid eyes on a 9-year-old girl living next to Kamandhu’s house in Rangareddy district. Whenever the child’s parents went out for work, he broke into the house, threatened her and raped the child. In this way he enjoyed the girl for two months.

9-year-old girl is demonized…
The parents were worried as the girl fell ill for the past two months. When the girl asked why she was like this, the truth came out. A Bihar youth living next door was furious when he told his parents that he had been raped for the past few days. As soon as the child’s parents and locals came to know about the matter, they caught hold of the accused and crushed him. Then handed over to the police.
Eroticism in the bars..
The police registered a case under the POCSO Act against the communalist and took him into custody. The victim girl was taken to the hospital for medical examination. The parents of the girl pleaded with the police not only to register a case but also to punish the accused severely.

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Another Kamandha in Bhadradri district…
Bhadradri Kothagudem District Dammapet Mandal Peddagollagudem Girl’s Ashram School 10th standard student became a teacher in Palita School. The school staff informed the parents that the affected minor girl was unwell. The student was brought to her parents’ house and was shown to the doctor, who was found to be pregnant. The minor was questioned by the parents and told that the maths master of the school had sexually abused him. The victim girl said that she was blackmailed that she would fail in the exams if her wish was not fulfilled.

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