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The president and the federal government stopped taxing the people moreTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

People About tax stay In President Arif flame And federal Government They came face to face.

President kingdom On a small budget Minister treasure Isaac In From met where Arif flame by mini Budget to bring for Order To be continued to do From He refused.

President of the state federal Government To national Assembly to go from advice to give said that tax stay In Parliament To confidence I to take More suitable to be will

After that now Government by Parliament From mini Budget was approved make from Decision to do When taken national Assembly And Senate from Meeting today i am will It should be noted that the Federal Cabinet has decided not to introduce a small budget through the Decree, while it has approved the tax laws for 2023.

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In this regard, official sources said that the federal cabinet has approved the levy of tax on luxury items in view of the current economic situation, while it was also approved after a briefing on austerity measures.

on the other hand came M F from Requirements Peretrol gas, And electricity from After vehicles, mobile, fridge, T V, Cigarette too More expensive i am will Mak you Imported shoes, foods From Numbers From Prices I too growth to be will

air ticket Drinks too expensive i am will Naan Filer And Bank Transaction In too tax felt will mini Budget today came will People About one sleep Seventy One billion Rs from New tax Start While Yes S T I too Supplements from Probably for which federal Cabinet by approval to give gave

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