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The President directed the FBI to reconsider the nomination of the rejected candidateTAZAA News

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ISLAMABAD – President Dr. Arif Alvi on Friday directed the FBI to appoint a former FATA candidate who was denied a job despite topping the written exam on the grounds that his degree was awarded to him late by the university. to reconsider. .due to the COVID-19 pandemic and he did not have a degree at the cutoff date.

The President observed that the FBI ignored the university’s firm statement on his degree that the complainant was eligible for admission to any university or job from June-July 2021 as his degree expired at the end of June 2022 due to the COVID- 19, which was beyond the reach of man, was given. was in control, which was not the student’s fault.

The President made this decision when Hamza Wazir (complainant) applied for the post of Assistant (BS-15) in FBI in October 2021, topped the written test and was subsequently called for an interview. .. The FBI denied him the job opportunity and claimed that since the degree was awarded to the complainant on 02-06-2022 more than 08 months after the date of advertisement published on 19-09-2021, therefore he did not meet. relevant criteria for the post.

Aggrieved, the complainant appealed to the Wafaqi Muhtasib (WM), who ruled that the selection and appointment of a person against an advertised post was the agency’s sole discretion, and the case was remanded to the FBI chief for reconsideration. Thereafter, the complainant submitted a review application to WM, which was rejected because, on the cut-off date, the complainant did not have proof of holding a bachelor’s degree, therefore, he was not eligible for the said position. No maladministration has been established by the FBI. Subsequently, Hamza Wazir sent a proposal to the president.

The President accepted his proposal and believes that the FBI did not consider the complainant’s case objectively, did not give him an opportunity to explain the issue and deprived him of his due rights; which has been given special rest, incentives and temptations due to the COVID-19 epidemic that was out of human control. He went on to say that nowadays there is a fierce competition for every position and a large number of candidates are coming forward and the duty of the administrative authorities to act fairly has evolved to ensure the legislative process, to avoid violations of the law. failure of justice and refraining from any unfair treatment.

The President noted that earlier on 24-05-2021 the complainant had complained to WM that he was enrolled in the Associate Professor program in Post Graduate College Islamabad affiliated to Quaid-e-Azam University in 2019 and despite the lapse of two years the result of semester 1 and 2 , which would delay his degree completion and also affect his career prospects. This case was discussed with the assurance of the representative of the university before the Secretariat of the President regarding the examination of the bachelor’s degree from June-July 2021. He added that the action of the FBI is contrary to this decision of the president, therefore, the abuse was created by the FBI.

The President, therefore, set aside the Mohtasib’s orders and directed the FBI to reconsider the appointment of the appellant against the post of Assistant against x-FATA quota.


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