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The President of the United States explained to the Chinese President that we want competition, not conflictTAZAA News

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US President Joe Biden warned China that China will give a firm response in case of a threat to American independence. The President of the Republic of China made it clear that we want competition, not conflict.

US President Joe Biden, in his second State of the Union address, said that Democrats and Republicans will work together to get America out of the crisis, create jobs in 40 years, and the unemployment rate has reached 3.4, the lowest rate in the world. . is history.

Americans export products and create jobs, he said that the problem of inflation due to Corona is global, the energy and food problems are also caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine, but the prices of food and beverages in America are falling.

President Joe Biden said that Putin’s aggression is a test of America and the world, as long as the war continues, the United States will stand by Ukraine.

The American president said that they are in a better position than any country in the world, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Inflation in the United States has been decreasing in the last 6 months. Gas prices in the United States have decreased once. $1.50 per gallon People’s incomes have also increased, with more than 10 million Americans starting the business in the past two years.

Before coming to power, there was a rumor that China’s power is growing and America is getting weaker, now America is not going down in the world. Investment is the guarantee of the future, China wants to dominate in the constructive work in the industrial process.

He said that in order for America to become number one, the infrastructure must be strengthened, the United States was in the first place in terms of infrastructure, then it came to the 13th place. Funds have been allocated for 20,000 projects. The projects are the construction of highways, bridges, roads, tunnels, ground and air bases. Yes, the United States has allocated funds to provide clean water, high-speed Internet, replace pipes for clean drinking water in homes and schools, and modernize the military to ensure stability, prevent aggression.

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