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The Prime Minister has called for an all-party conference, Imran Khan has also been invited to participate in itTAZAA News

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Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif decided to bring all national political leaders to a table on important national issues and convened the “All Party Conference” (APC) on February 7.

According to details, APC will be held in Islamabad and on this occasion all national political leaders have been officially invited to participate in APC. It was reported that Shahbaz Sharif invited PTI Chairman Imran Khan to join APC.

Federal Minister Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, former Speaker of National Assembly, PTI leader Asad Qaisar and former Minister of Defense Parvez Khattak contacted and invited Ayaz Sadiq Asad Qaisar and Parvez Khattak to Imran Khan to participate in APC on behalf of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also invited two PTI representatives to attend the Apex Committee meeting in Peshawar yesterday.

All stakeholders, police, guards and senior officers of sensitive institutions will attend the meeting of the Apex Committee at the Governor’s House. The terrorist incident that happened on January 30 at the Peshawar Police Mosque will be discussed in the meeting.

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