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The resignation of 43 other people from “Tehrik Insaf” was acceptedTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Islamabad: The Speaker of the National Assembly has accepted the resignation of 43 members of the Tehriki Insaf Party, the resignations have been submitted to the Election Commission.

According to the details, the speaker of the National Assembly accepted the resignation of 35 other members of the Justice Movement Party and the accepted resignation of PTI members was sent to the Election Commission.

The Electoral Commission is taking further measures based on these resignations. The Electoral Commission accepted the resignation of 43 members of the PTI.

It should be noted that the Speaker of the National Assembly approved 70 resignations in two stages last week.

Yesterday, Tehreek Insaf sent a message to the president, the secretariat of the assembly and all relevant authorities announcing the withdrawal of the resignation of forty-five members of the National Assembly, and also sent an application to the Election Commission.

As for the delegation, the members arrived at the National Assembly in the morning and found the doors locked. Then, when the members tried to go to the house of the speaker, they were stopped by the police, on which members of PTI dharna and. they went to the election commission.

A written request to the Chief Election Commissioner that if the President accepts our resignations, we should not be notified.


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