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The Russian ambassador said that the level of defense cooperation between Russia and India is unprecedented, the chairmanship of the G20 and the SCO is a great opportunity skf mgbTAZAA News

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On Thursday, a meeting was held between the International Council of International Affairs (ICWA) and the Council of Russia. Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov was also present at this meeting. Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov said during the meeting that Russia and India share a network of platforms and groups that contribute to promoting the global agenda for the benefit of the international community. He said that India has taken a neutral position in the issues related to the attempt to exclude Russia from the various stages of the Russia-Ukraine war.

“We see India’s chairmanship of the G20 and the SCO as an opportunity to advance the agenda of these important associations,” said Dennis Alepov. Russia has become India’s largest oil supplier, contributing to India’s energy security. The Russian ambassador also made a statement about India-Russia relations. He said that the level of defense cooperation between Russia and India is unprecedented. One of the main reasons for this is India’s independence from Russian technology.

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