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The Sultans of Multan decided to enter first against the Qalandars of LahoreTAZAA News

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Players from both the sides are determined to put up a great performance tonight in the first match of the tournament at the Multan ground.

MULTAN: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-February 13Ch2023) Multan Sultans won the toss and decided to play Lahore Qalandars first at Multan Stadium.

Both the sides are excited about the first game in the mega event.

before, Pakistan Super League (PSL) 8Ch Monday’s edition began with a passionate opening ceremony at the Multan Stadium.

The ceremony started half an hour late when Aima Baig entered the stage and sang the national anthem.

PCB Chairman Najam Sethi also addressed the function and presented a large replica of the PSL8 trophy to the audience.

Sethi announced that they were leaving Quetta and Peshawar next year, PSL is cited as the main source of happiness for the people.

He also asked the audience who they were going to support in tonight’s game.

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) President and CEO Muhammad Aurangzeb addressed the audience and conveyed his best wishes and congratulated the Pakistan Nobel Board (PCB) for organizing the wonderful ceremony. He added that he is thankful to PCB Chairman Najam Sethi for the successful tournament year after year.

“We are organizing it in Multan this year and it is a historic moment,” Aurangzeb said, adding that the HBL PSL has now emerged as a powerful event.

He said that “success is all about the collective efforts of all stakeholders.”

The singers enthralled the audience with their heartwarming songs and dances. Fireworks painted the whole scene.

Singers including Sahir Ali Bagga and Baig entered the stage and won the hearts of fans with their amazing performances.

Asim Azhar, Faris Shafi and Shae Gill presented the PSL 8 anthem followed by a grand fireworks display at the end of the ceremony.

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