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The woman killed her husband and mother-in-law and hid the body parts in the refrigeratorTAZAA News

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Photo: Press of India
Photo: Press of India

In India, a woman killed her husband and mother-in-law, dismembered the body and hid it in the refrigerator.

According to Indian media, a woman named Vandana Kalita killed her husband and mother-in-law in the state of Assam and then kept their body parts in a refrigerator.

The police say that this incident happened in August or September last year.

According to the police, despite being married, this woman had a relationship with another person, and together with the same person and her friend Vandana, planned to kill her husband and mother-in-law.

A police officer said that after killing her husband and mother-in-law, the woman kept the pieces in the refrigerator for 3 days, and then, along with her alleged boyfriend and a friend, threw the body parts 150 kilometers away from home.

The police said that the woman filed a complaint about the disappearance of her husband and mother-in-law in September, following which an investigation was launched.

However, after some time, the husband’s relative filed another missing person complaint, which raised suspicion against the woman, then the police resumed the investigation and discovered the murder.

According to Indian media reports, on Sunday some parts of the mother-in-law’s body were found, the police took action and arrested all the accused, including the woman.

It is worth mentioning that recently in India, a man killed his housemate and hid her body parts in the bed.

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