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There are thousands of jobs in Germany that require IT expertsTAZAA News

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The study discussed the shortage of IT professionals facing Germany. There are currently 39,000 IT job vacancies, while by 2030 this number could reach 140,000.

There are thousands of jobs in Germany that require IT experts
There are thousands of jobs in Germany that require IT experts
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There is a shortage of skilled IT professionals in Germany, and the situation may worsen in the coming years. This was revealed in a study by business consultants McKinsey. This study predicts that by 2030 there may be a shortage of 140,000 IT professionals in the civil service sector of this country.

A study was conducted in early 2019 on people with professional skills related to the field of information technology in the country’s employment market. Since then, this deficiency has increased by 15%. The researchers working on this study say that from this data it can be concluded that due to this lack, the digitalization process in the public administration sector in Germany may have a negative impact.

It should be noted that the forecast in the study is based on the current rate of retirees and new recruits. There are currently 5.1 million IT professionals working in the German civil service, of which approximately 1.5 million will retire by 2030. According to McKinsey estimates, the current shortage of 39,000 IT professionals could grow to 140,000 by 2030.

One of the authors of the study, Julia Kleier, says, “The estimated productivity of the German workforce is very low given the extensive digitization programs of the federal and state governments for the coming years.

Bj√∂rn M√ľnstermann, a public sector expert associated with business consultants McKinsey, has called for a central body to oversee ongoing measures to address the IT workforce shortage. The research also says that the process of recruiting employees should be improved. The shortage of graduates and the need to train public sector personnel were also emphasized.

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