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This is not enough – Mashrik TelevisionTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

The National Assembly unanimously approved the supplementary finance bill for 2023, which increased the excise duty on business class flights abroad. The Minister of Finance said that there is no doubt that the inflation in the country is out of control, I ask, did all this happen in just 4 months? Ishaq Dar also said that Pakistan’s economy had collapsed during the previous regime, the agreement with the IMF was broken. The previous government violated economic discipline, negotiated with the IMF and agreed to a tax of 170 billion. He said that the SBP abandoned this agreement. Regarding the tax on marriage houses, he said that in the past, marriages were not held in air-conditioned houses, the increase in tax and excise duty in the mentioned sectors has its place, because the elite benefit from this facility, but in addition, the tax in many sectors. and other services have been increased, which have consequences for the people. A common man cannot live without the influence of electricity, gas and other sources of energy.. No matter how unfortunate it is that in the politics of the dear country. , the idea of ​​the prosperity of the country and the welfare of the people, politics and actions that the opposition does not miss the opportunity, people do not care about this. What was the role of the previous government. burdening them and to what extent the current government. The main problem is that the people never had relief in the previous government, and neither the current government was able to relieve them, on the contrary, their burden is increasing, the economic conditions have been realized and are still being realized will be done and they agree to clearly reduce the bloated expenses and the costs of the bureaucracy, and also in some other areas, which are not even wet, to accept cuts and austerity, then the people But there is no need to add to the burden. For this agreement and complete political agreement is necessary, without which it is impossible.

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