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This sexual care brand improves people’s mental healthTAZAA News

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VUSH launched ‘I Come First’ campaign promoting self-love.

Sexual care brand VUSH wants people to prioritize their pleasure with the ‘I Come First’ challenge.

The sexual care brand is encouraging people to take part in their 30-day masturbation challenge.

The aim of the VUSH I Come First Challenge is to get people to put themselves first and improve their overall physical and mental health.

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Participants will be asked questions at the beginning, middle and end of the challenge, which the brand recognizes is a major cause of lack of self-confidence in the past.

25 percent joined the challenge to relieve stress and 24 percent said it made them more of a priority.

After just one week, participants were asked to score their motivation overall, ranging from 46 percent to 88 percent and 25 percent reporting that they knew their body better and how it responds to sexual pleasure.

VUSH's 30-Day Eye Come First Challenge.
VUSH’s 30-Day Eye Come First Challenge.

The brand says you can use a vibrator of your choice for the challenge, but to mark the occasion they’ve discounted their product, the Empress 2.

They say it’s “powerful, intelligent and a versatile combination to keep things interesting”.

“Using enhanced vacuum technology to help show your lady some serious love, Empress 2 truly mimics the feel of good oral sex, but without any strings attached,” adds the brand.

Customers can get 50 percent off Empress 2 when you sign up for the challenge through their website at vushstimulation.com/icomefirst.

You can learn more about its features – and more importantly what customers are saying – below.

What is Empress 2 by VUSH?

Discounted Empress 2 Vibrator from VUSH.
Discounted Empress 2 Vibrator from VUSH.

Empress 2 is a clitoral stimulator that uses enhanced vacuum technology to help show your clitoris some serious love.

VUSH said: “We know your body is unique, so you can explore eight different patterns paired with five different levels to find your perfect match”.

It is designed for women of all ages and can be used alone or with a partner. Vacuum technology means it can also help stimulate any area where you can achieve suction.

What are its main features?

Empress 2 features vacuum technology for a “perfect match of pulse and vibration,” with a quiet design that delivers discreet entertainment for uninterrupted play.

There are 40 personalized levels and intensities so it’s ideal for beginners or those with more experience with vibrators. And it’s made of medical grade silicone for a soft and gentle touch.

It’s designed to be 100 percent waterproof for bubble bath and power shower use, and features USB charging so it’s quick and easy to charge and ready to use again.

Plus, it has discreet shipping, so you can keep your privacy if you live with other people.

What are the reviews saying?

The product has over 1,900 reviews from customers, with an overall rating of four and a half stars. They span age groups and experience levels, so Empress 2 is ideal.

A very happy reviewer said: “This vibrator literally convinced me to break up with my boyfriend”.

Another said: “I’m in tune with myself now and have learned to love myself more”, adding that it’s “easy to use and its quietness is amazing”.

Another added: “It’s hard to write a review for something so personalized to the user, but this little gadget gives a serious experience”.

VUSH is offering 50 percent off Empress 2 when you sign up for the challenge through their website vushstimulation.com/icomefirst.

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