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Thousands of unmarked graves of those who died in the earthquakeTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Those who died in the terrible earthquake in Turkey are buried in mass graves, the unknown graves of the dead are identified with pictures and numbers.

After mass casualties in Hatay, Turkey’s earthquake-prone region, a mass grave has been built for the dead, but the graves have no names or other identities.

According to the report of al-Arabiya.com, in the video taken from the cemetery of Hatay, it is said that hundreds of people who died in the earthquake were buried in this cemetery.

Video footage taken by the reporter shows hundreds of graves, only numbers without names, as the bodies of many of the dead cannot be identified.

According to this report, this step was taken to bury the bodies in this manner due to the fear of the spread of plagues.

Thousands of bodies are piled up in hospitals, playgrounds and other public places, but the relatives of the dead in the affected areas are not able to reach them.


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