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HomeNationalThree young brothers were shot dead in QuettaTAZAA News

Three young brothers were shot dead in QuettaTAZAA News

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The police have nabbed a boy accused of triple murder in Quetta and solved the mystery surrounding it. According to DIG Quetta Police Ghulam Azfar Mahesar, the killer was one of the three youths killed last night in Quetta.

DIG Mahesar said that there were five people in the car during the event and this information was discovered after the police and CIA started their investigation. The deceased’s fourth sibling, Khais Khan, aged 17, and a servant were also in the car.

DIG said that when both were interrogated, Khais Khan confessed to killing his siblings. The DIG said that Khais Khan and his brothers used to quarrel often. Khan expressed his frustration at the restrictions placed on him during interrogation. Police say that the accused also wanted property.

According to authorities, the accused shot dead his three brothers with a gun he stole from his relative while returning from a wedding. The driver was also killed, but the driver was injured rather than killed, officials said. While the injured motorist was being rushed to the hospital, the accused allegedly threatened him.

According to the police, a pistol related to the incident was recovered. According to the police, the investigation into the gruesome act is ongoing. Last night in Quetta, Syedal Khan, Zar Khan and Zartagh Khan were returning home from a wedding, when they were shot dead.

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