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TTP attack on Mianwali Makadwal police station; The Punjab Police foiled the attackTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

The banned Punjab Taliban attacked Makdarwal police station of Mianwali district on Tuesday evening with highly sophisticated weapons, but the Punjab police foiled the attack by fighting the terrorists.

According to an audio captured on a police WhatsApp group, local police have already received information about a possible terror attack. Police were armed and on standby to deal with a possible attack.

In the video that is spreading on social networks, it is seen and heard that there is a fierce exchange of fire between the police and the terrorists.

On the other hand, Mohammad Khurasani, the spokesperson of TTET, in a statement on social networks, confirmed the attack and said that TTET militants attacked the Makarwal police station using heavy weapons, where many casualties are likely.

The statement also says that along with the victims, the building of the police headquarters was also damaged and the TTET fighters managed to escape safely.

Interim Chief Minister of Punjab Syed Muhsin Naqvi expressed his gratitude to the Punjab police for repelling the terrorist attack and said that the brave policemen defeated the terrorists’ evil intentions.

It will be recalled that a suicide blast took place in a mosque located in the police line in Peshawar yesterday, in which 100 people were reportedly killed and 53 injured, seven of whom are in ICU.

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