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Turkey, Syria earthquake; Deaths Over 19,000, Millions Homeless – GlobalTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

The number of victims of the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 19 thousand people, while millions of people are forced to live under the open sky in severe cold after being displaced.

The February 6 earthquake in Turkey and large parts of Syria set a new record of devastation and destruction. The number of victims of this natural disaster in both countries has reached more than 19 thousand 300 people.

According to Arab media reports, 16,200 people were killed in Turkey and more than 3,100 people in Syria.

Turkish authorities have confirmed the death toll in Syria at 14,3162, while bodies are being pulled out from the rubble.

Despite all efforts, aid teams have not reached some areas.

Turkey’s Hatay province, which is the temporary home of around 500,000 Syrian refugees, is one of the areas affected by the earthquake.

Roads and the civilian airport near Antakya, the capital of Hatay, were also severely damaged, delaying the delivery of aid there.

Syrian refugees in Hatay say that they left their hometowns and came here to save their lives, but their problems have not disappeared, the earthquake situation is worse than the bombings in Syria.

Race against time to save lives

72 hours is very important in rescue operations during natural disasters, because after that the chance of survival of people buried under the rubble is almost negligible.

With each passing moment, time is running out to save a possible life in the ruins, so the work of removing the debris continues unabated in both countries.

The smell of death everywhere in northwestern Syria

According to Al-Jazeera international television, the Syrian civil defense group assessed the situation in the north-west of Syria, which is under the control of the rebels, as “ungrateful” and full of the “smell of death”.

Asim Ilyahiya, a volunteer who is the head of the rescue service there, says that the situation is sad in all aspects, unfortunately, hundreds of families are still under the ruins, but we have neither equipment nor medicine to reach these people.


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