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HomeBusinessUkraine War: Putin's Warning to the West TAZAA News

Ukraine War: Putin’s Warning to the West TAZAA News

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Ukraine War: Putin's Warning to the West

Moscow: Russia has decided to hold a partial military mobilization after receiving major setbacks in the war against Ukraine. It has announced that those who are currently in the reserve, those who have worked in the defense forces and those who have special military skills are going to be inducted into the army. Western countries supporting Ukraine were strongly warned. Western countries have made it clear that they have crossed the line.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on Wednesday and said he had issued a decree for the partial mobilization of 2 million military reserves in the wake of the seven-month war with Ukraine. He said that this decree was issued to protect the motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“We are talking about partial integration. That is, only those who are currently in reserve will be recruited into the army. In addition, we will hire those who have served in the defense forces and have special military-related skills and relevant experience,” Putin said. He said that there is a need to protect the people in the liberated areas, hence this decision has been taken.

Eastern and southern parts of Ukraine are currently under Russian control. The separatists issued a statement on Tuesday saying that they would hold referendums and gather public opinion in these regions to become an integral part of Russia. The announcement said that these referendums will be held to find out whether the people here want to be a part of Russia or not.

Referring to this statement, Putin said that he supports the people here and therefore decided to hold referendums. The government was ordered to give legal status to the volunteers fighting in Donbas as Russia aims to liberate these areas. We have no moral right to leave the people (of Ukraine).

A warning to the West

Vladimir Putin strongly warned Western countries supporting Ukraine. Putin said that Western countries want to weaken, divide and destroy Russia. Those countries are angry that the boundaries have been exceeded. He said that Russia has many weapons to repel the threat from Western countries. He said that he is not deceiving anyone in this matter. He said that if there is a threat to the territorial integrity and integrity of their country, they will use all available resources to protect their people.

Putin says his goal is to liberate the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine. People here do not want to be under the rule of Ukraine.

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