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Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Muslim Personal Rights Council opposes CPC know what it says about repealing Houses of Worship Act khu imtTAZAA News

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Lucknow: The debate on the Common Civil Code is heating up once again as the All India Muslim Personal Law Council has once again announced its opposition to the Common Civil Code at its conference in Lucknow. In the decisions made at the meeting of the board held in Lucknow, a proposal on the general civil code was also accepted. Contrary to the General Civil Code, it is said that the Constitution of the country gives everyone equal rights to justice and freedom of religion, personal law is also under the freedom of religion, therefore, the General Civil Code in the country is implemented only by the government. It should not have a majority in the parliament, if it is forced to enter the country on the basis of the majority and efforts are made to eliminate different religious identities, it will not benefit the country. This affects the unity of the country and creates obstacles in the way of development.

The board appealed to the government not to proceed with the general civil court. A statement was released to the media after the one-day meeting in Lucknow and it is said that the council meeting also raised concerns over the Places of Religion Act, 1991 and expressed concern that there is an atmosphere of hatred in the country. The rule of law is ending in the country, people’s houses of many years are being destroyed without legal measures.

The Board passed a resolution on the Places of Religion Act, 1991. If this document is canceled, it will cause damage to the country. Endless wars and constant conflicts between religious communities are increasing and it will be sad for the country if the government surrenders to the religious forces.

Regarding the targeting of the Muslim community in the Assam child marriage case, the Board said the case would be heard in the Supreme Court based on the judgment of the Haryana and Punjab High Courts. The Assam government should suspend its action till a decision is taken.

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In Lucknow, the head of the Muslim Personal Law Council, Maulana Rabi Husni Nadvi, held a one-day meeting in which lawyer Asaduddin Owaisi, Kamal Farooqui, Dr. Qasim Rasul Ilyas, Maulana Khalid Saifullahi Rahmani, Maulana Arshad Madani, Maulana Mahmudi Madani, Yusuf Khatim, lawyer. , Shamshad Ahmad and other members of the board were also present.

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