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Valentine’s Day; It is necessary to open the cage of narrow-mindedness and release loveTAZAA News

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In old age, we breathe in an air zone where every healthy emotion, including love, is limited, but every termite-infested emotion, including hate, flourishes. With us, love is immediately identified as an immoral passion, while hate is never prosecuted with such speed and order. We find love more damaging, while hate is still tolerable and digestible. There are many types of licenses required to love and express it, but you can also create a license to hate sitting on your own.

To love, first get permission from yourself, then from family, from society, from customs (unlocal), from law, from government and then from the state, then you can go somewhere and express your love. There is a long queue to stand and one has to move from one place to another in the same permit cycle. Even if a happy person overcomes all these obstacles, even after all this there is no salvation. Even after all this struggle, he has to face a questioning look. The eyes of bigotry and deprivation constantly pierce the chest. A person should be accountable for his love even to such people whom he would not meet even under normal circumstances.

On the contrary, in the same society, if you want to hate someone, you want to be prejudiced against him, you want to have a grudge, you want to take revenge, you want to abuse, you want to kill someone’s right, the life of an oppressed person. If you want to eat someone’s property, If you want to hurt someone, kidnap someone or kill someone in the name of honor, then there are no restrictions on you. You are free to do all or any of these whenever you want and can easily stalk and digest your excess.

Pakistan has banned the celebration of days like Valentine’s Day in such countries

We understand that if the passions are imprisoned, the general atmosphere begins to suffocate and this suffocation reaches a certain level, like the smoke that constantly accumulates in a closed room and makes it difficult to breathe. We got a lot of smoke from the roof. Now it has become a situation that this smoke has reached our minds and with the influence of this smoke we are active in creating such examples that sow seeds of destruction in Gulshan. Along with this sick mentality, we also suffer from the delusion that reality and truth is only what is visible to my eyes. This infected environment prevents us from seeing the whole elephant, and the effect of this addiction is that when one of us sees the elephant, we not only think of it as the whole elephant, but make it our life’s goal to see others. It takes time to convince people that the elephant is what I see.

In this dark environment, most people just play the game of tomcats because they are in no condition to do anything else. The only way to survive in such an environment is to break a door, window, roof or wall to let in fresh air. This fresh air can bring us back to life by making the environment pleasant and when these clouds of smoke clear, only then will the sky clear. Under this clear sky we can see the whole elephant and our misconception that the elephant was much bigger than what only I could see is dispelled.

Our society is also in dire need of such a window, such an air channel, through which fresh air of love and tolerance enters, processes environmental pollution in its laundry and throws it out. If pollutants accumulate for a long time, the environment becomes toxic. Chimneys should be installed for their drainage, windows should be opened, and fresh air should be shown.

February 14 is called the day of love all over the world

Where love and affection are strictly guarded, and hatred and enmity are on the rise, in such lands, the situation will be the same as it is in our land at this time. There are limits to living from scratch. Here you can only exist, occupy space, have weight, but you cannot live by yourself.

How hate makes a flower grow, how revenge destroys a flower, how bigotry hides beautiful scenery from the eye, how insult spreads darkness, how envy turns existence into dust, let’s see it all. they lost their eyes from the pain of seeing this day after day. But we have to stop somewhere now.

Today is February 14. On this day of love, the contractors of society are earnestly requested to give place to the love of God, to tolerate, to be tolerated, to let the beauty of difference enter into the social portrait and hate, panic, with bigotry, fearful feelings, insults, beatings, Put arrows, ammo and glowing eyes in the monster’s way. Open the cage of prejudice and narrow-mindedness and release love. May God give people the basic rights to live their lives. Be a source of love. No matter what love does, hate can do nothing terrible.

If we somehow manage to cover the drain of hatred and release the fountain of love, the day is not far when our society will turn into a flower bed instead of an oven.

This article by Khizr Hayat was previously published on “Ek Rosen” website. It will be presented to the readers of “New Era” on February 14.

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