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HomeBusinessWas he so stubborn that he would be killed?TAZAA News

Was he so stubborn that he would be killed?TAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

(Adnan Khan) In the name of honor, 3 women lost their lives in two different incidents on one day in two different districts of the region. They opened fire on the sisters, as a result of which one sister died on the spot and two people were injured. , the people of this locality took the bodies of the deceased and the injured girls to the hospital, where another sister also lost her life at the hands of her brother. A resident of Mangalore, whose age is said to be less than 20 years, his sister Musman informed the police and said that we along with three sisters and mother at 10 am. Bhai Nasir Khan repeated and left the house. After that, the mother stayed in the neighbor’s house
When the brother returned home with a gun in his hand, he opened fire at three sisters, as a result of which one sister died on the spot, and the other sister was wounded by a bullet in her neck. her injuries in the hospital, in the report of the incident, a sister who survived the incident came forward as an eye witness, an FIR was registered in the incident. Pasd left the house and went to Bisham and 6 months ago he returned home with the pledge of his brother Nasir Khan. He was angry that his other two sisters might have gathered with Musmoa, so he wanted to kill him. all three of them.
Niyaz Ahmad Khan, a senior journalist of Swat, says that according to the report sent to the police, three sisters were also banned from the house by their brother. At the same time, the weapon used in this incident was also found, says Niyaz Ahmad Khan, a senior journalist of Swat. 15 such cases were registered in SWOT last year.
There have been honor killings, but in such cases most of the criminals escape punishment, the reason being that the word honor killing is not included in the FIR, so such cases are often settled in favor of criminal offences. accused and often bail is also given. If they leave, the accused cannot get bail and will certainly be punished, but in many cases it can be seen that these points are not included in the FIR, so the accused are easily released or released. are done It is reported that the second incident in which Hawa’s daughter lost her life took place in Charsadda’s Venugarhi Sardaryob area.
Where the father shot and killed his married daughter, the incident of this murder was registered in Charsadda city police station. Bela came home with a resident of Peshawar, Masmasa’s father Bakhtiyor Gul shot his daughter Masmasa in front of her husband. the store that killed him at the scene, the cause of the incident was murder. It is said that the father is angry that the video was circulated on social networks, the accused has not yet been taken into police custody.
The father of the victim was very angry and because of this the sad incident of the murder was revealed and the victim planned to take action against him with her husband and they were also preparing to go to the FIA ​​office during which this incident happened and the 18-year-old girl Bakhtiyor Gul Masma was killed in the name of honor. He passed away.
Regarding this case, Faiz Mohammad, representative of Mashrik TV from Charsadda, said that the victim was blackmailed and he wants to apply to FIA to take legal action in this case. He went home, but someone scolded his father there. Bakhtiyor Gul, the video of your daughter appeared on the Internet, that Bakhtiyor Gul got angry and killed his daughter. He was not arrested, now the question is that the year the woman was killed, he was so violent that he would have been killed. ? Or he helped him to fight against someone who was blackmailing him and his photos and videos were spread on the Internet, and he was put behind bars and given severe punishment.

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