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What cases is Imran Khan currently facing? – Daily AusafTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently busy with legal battles on various fronts, yesterday three cases were heard against him in different courts, but he did not appear in court due to his illness.

The case of Tosha Khanna:

The details of the cases that Imran Khan is currently facing have been revealed, according to which the most important case against Imran Khan is the case of not declaring the gifts of Tosha Khan among his assets, which is pending in the Islamabad Sessions Court. The court is continuing the case against Imran Khan on charges of corruption, the Election Commission has already dismissed Imran Khan in this case.

The Election Commission has appealed to the Sessions Court to review the criminal case in this case. According to legal experts, if the criminal case is established, Imran Khan may be punished, but he may also be deprived of his rights.

Prohibited Funding Status:
A case of prohibited financing is also pending against Imran Khan in the Banking Court, this case was registered at the request of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), in this case also the Election Commission issued a decision last year in which Pt. it was revealed that he received funds from prohibited sources.

Later, the FIA ‚Äč‚Äčregistered a case in light of the Election Commission’s decision, after which a trial of the case was initiated in the Banking Court, Imran Khan is now on bail in the case.

Alleged girl cover case:
In the High Court of Islamabad, a citizen’s application was filed against Imran Khan on the charge of hiding his daughter, and the court asked Imran Khan for an answer. will be .

Party leadership impeachment case: The party leadership impeachment case against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan is being heard by the Election Commission and the Lahore High Court after he was sacked by the Election Commission. also appealed to the Supreme Court to stop it.

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