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When will the price of Lpg gas cylinder go down, know what Petroleum Minister Hardep Singh Puri saidTAZAA News

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New Delhi: The increase in the price of a gas cylinder also destroys people’s budget many times. People have been demanding a reduction in the price of gas cylinders for a long time. In such a situation, if the price of the balloons goes down, it will be a comforting news for the people. At the same time, there is great information about the gas cylinder. In fact, Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Thursday that if the price of fuel in the international market comes down, then the price of LPG cylinders may come down.

According to him, if the international price of fuel comes down from the current price of $750 per ton, domestic LPG cylinders can be sold at a more economical price. Along with the domestic gas cylinder price, several other issues came up in the Lok Sabha during the interval question on Thursday. Regarding the price of gas cylinders, he said that the international price is determined by “various factors”.

Responding to DMK MP Kalandi Veeraswamy’s question on domestic LPG prices in the Lok Sabha, Puri said the government was serious about the needs of consumers, especially the weaker sections. Puri said the RSP of a domestic LPG cylinder in Delhi is Rs 1,053.

The government has not increased the price

Saudi Arabia recorded a gas price hike of more than 330%, but the government raised the price of natural gas relatively little. In such a situation, if the price of gas in Saudi Arabia goes down, the effect will also be seen on LPG cylinders in the country.

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These people can receive subsidies

According to the information, I will tell you that earlier everyone was given gas cylinder subsidy, now the gas cylinder subsidy has been completely stopped. Who will get relief if gas cylinder subsidy is introduced? Let me tell you that if this happens, the government will first start subsidizing gas cylinders to poor people.

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