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Whites took to human trafficking TAZAA News

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File photo

Whites outnumber Asians in human trafficking, French police track down smuggling ring

According to foreign media, the French police have arrested a large group involved in human trafficking, which was sending large numbers of migrants from Europe to Britain and from Britain to Europe.

On September 16 of this month, during a police operation, a human trafficking group was caught who were taking Iraqi and Kurdish Iranian refugees to Europe through Turkey on fake diplomatic passports.

The smugglers charged 20,000 euros per person from these refugees.

It may be recalled that in 2010 there was a report in which students from Asian countries were trafficked to Europe by pretending to enroll in fake British schools and charging huge fees.

French police recovered 700 life jackets and more than a dozen boats during the raid.

According to the French police, these boats belonged to Iraqi immigrants who were being transported to Europe under the guise of education.


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