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HomeBusinessWho gets a 200 euro bonus in Spain? -TAZAA News

Who gets a 200 euro bonus in Spain? –TAZAA News

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MADRID: The Spanish government has announced a 200-euro bonus to help citizens amid rising inflation, for which requests have begun.

Foreign press According to reports, the Ministry of Finance received about 570,000 applications on the first day for the Spanish government’s €200 bonus scheme to help poor families.

Finance Minister María Jace Montero said in an interview with Spanish television that the bonus will help people cope with the economic situation.

The Spanish government announced in December that it would provide an aid package worth 10 billion euros to reduce the impact of inflation. Apply for a reward.

Who will be eligible?

This is a bonus of 200 euros for those whose annual income is less than 27 thousand euros, if both spouses work, their salaries are calculated together, single people are also eligible.

Pensioners will not receive this bonus, people with more than 75,000 euros in their bank account will not be able to receive this bonus, similarly owners of cars with such value will not be eligible to receive the bonus.

Application procedure

The bonus must be claimed between February 15 and March 31, after which no claims will be accepted.

One must first apply for a digital certificate, i.e. an electronic ID, then go to the website of the Spanish Tax Authority and apply online for the bonus.

When filling out the online form, you must provide other information, including a digital ID, including name, tax number, address, place of work and bank account details. 200 euro bonus will be transferred directly to the account.

43 million families and individuals will benefit from this bonus.


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