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Who is responsible to whom in the control cabinet of Punjab?TAZAA News

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The cabinet of Punjab Prime Minister Mohsin Naqvi includes political relatives, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and new faces.

The new interim cabinet was sworn in for the fourth time in the Governor’s Chamber of the state of Punjab. The cabinet includes officials from political families, industrialists, retired bureaucrats and journalists. The temporary cabinet consists of close relatives, officials, benefactors and political connections.

Dr. Javid Akram

Dr Javid Akram is the brother of former Member of National Assembly and former president of Punjab Muslim League Late Parveez Malik and former Attorney General Abdul Qayyum Malik, Jet of Member of National Assembly Shaista Parveez Malik and uncle of Ali Parveez Malik. Dr. Javid Akram is also the father-in-law of Nisibi’s brother, the President of Punjab province Mohsin Naqvi. Dr. Javid Akram was awarded the Department of Special Health and Medical Education.

Amir Mir

Amir Mir is an investigative journalist. Amir Mir is the younger brother of senior journalist Hamid Mir associated with Geo News. He was entrusted with the department of information and culture.

SM Tanveer

SM Tanvir is the son of the famous businessman SM Munir. SM Munir was also the President of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA). He has been given the portfolios of Energy, Industry, Trade, Investment, Skill Development (I&SD) in the Cabinet.

Ibrahim Murad

Ibrahim Murad is the president of the University of Management and Technology (UMT). He is the son of educationist Hasan Sahib Murad. Ibrahim Murad was entrusted with the Department of Local Government and Community Development.

Bilal Afzal

Bilal Afzal is the son of Suhail Afzal, Principal of Punjab College, a renowned educational institution in Punjab and Chairman of Punjab Group of Colleges. It should be noted that Suhail Afzal also held the position of minister in 2008. Bilal Afzal was given the portfolios of communications and affairs, excise and taxation and drug control.

Dr. Jamal Nasser

Dr. Jamal Nasir owns a private medical laboratory. He is the brother of former judge Suhail Nasir. He has been assigned the Department of Primary and Secondary Care (P&SHC) in the Punjab Cabinet.

Mansur Kadir

Mansur Qadir is the brother of former official and senior journalist Sohail Varaj. Mansour Kadir is the owner of the higher education department and the school.

Syed Azfar Ali Nasir

Syed Azfar Ali Nasir is a well-known businessman. He was given the department of waqf and religious affairs, as well as zakat and ushr.

Tamkunat Karim

Tamkunat Karim is the daughter of former Human Rights Minister and PTI leader Shireen Mazari. Apart from this, he has also been associated with the media industry in the past.

Nasim Sadik

Nasim Sadik is a former bureaucrat. He was also Commissioner and Secretary.

Three members of the delegation did not take the oath. Famous cricketer and fast bowler Wahab Riaz could not participate in this ceremony due to being abroad. Tamkunat Karim and Nasim Sadiq refused to take the oath. It is surprising that Tamkunat Karim and Nasim Sadik were not consulted before entering the cabinet. If these names were added after their approval, probably the reason for rejection was their affiliation to political parties.

Interim governments will be established to conduct transparent and impartial elections in the country. After the dissolution of the assemblies of both Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces, the interim chief and the interim cabinet were sworn in. As for when the new elections will be held in both regions, the announcement of their date is still delayed.

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