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Will India’s relations with Russia become a source of peace in Ukraine These French diplomatic sources are rah mgbTAZAA News

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Can India play an important, diplomatic and decisive role in the issue of Ukraine and Russia? Because if there is any progress in efforts to establish peace in Ukraine; Therefore, it is generally viewed positively. Describing India as a key player in the Russia-Korea conflict, French diplomatic sources said on Tuesday that India-Russia relations could be used as a channel to work towards peace.

French diplomatic sources also said they were in contact with political leaders in New Delhi before the vote on the UN draft resolution on Ukraine, but did not hold out much hope for an Indian vote. This week, the UN General Assembly will approve a draft resolution that will emphasize the urgent need for lasting peace in Ukraine, a year after Moscow attacked its neighbor.

Pointing out that France and the European Union and India are not entirely on the same page on the Ukraine issue, these sources say you may have also noticed some subtle changes in the Prime Minister’s (Narendra Modi) public statements. . A few days ago, a very important statement was made by the Prime Minister. We agree that we all want to reduce the risk of escalation and we all want to find a way to it.

“As you know, there are important ties between the governments of India and Russia, and we request the Indian government to use those ties with their Russian counterparts to help us on the path to peace,” the source said. This is a long way. It is a long process. But yes! We often hold such talks with India.

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The source added that France and India have a very productive partnership and a history of intense political dialogue, which allows them to discuss all issues, even complex ones.

In response to the question of whether India will refrain from re-voting in the UNFCCC on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, he said that it is unlikely that India will join one side or the other, but it is working on it.

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